Fast Credit Card – Beware, Nothing is For Free

A fast credit card is a great way to be extended a line of credit if you have a good credit rating. There are many companies that can have a card in your mailbox the day following the submission of an online application. But like all things that are convenient, there is a price.

For a fast credit card to be expedited there is generally and express fee associated with it. This is a fee associated with moving your application to the top of the priority list. The fee is set and is not determined by the number of applications that are ahead of it. For some credit card companies, they have specific personnel that only handle this type of request.

When a consumer is in a rush, the checking of the details of an account is generally overlooked. This is where many account holders find problems down the line. Hidden fees like the annual fee for just being a card holder is one of them. Most companies no longer charge this fee. Another often overlooked condition of the fast credit card is the cash advance fees. This can be as much as 5% of the money withdrawn. If the withdraw is overseas, there is also a fee of 2% generally.

There are some fast credit cards that are good deals. It is up to the consumer to review and compare all offers available to them. Know all the terms and conditions are important. It is important to remember that companies are in business to make a profit from your line of credit.

Receiving a good deal on a fast credit card without doing the proper research is the luck of the draw. It is not always in favor of the consumer.

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